Biscuit Ephemera No. 119

June 14, 2018

Cargo Cult at Inner Sanctum Records, Austin, TX, provided by Pat Doyle, flyer by Rusty Short


Site Editor Publishes New Book!

September 13, 2016

GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpgThis is a not a hard sell, this is just a celebration! The Politics of Punk: Protest and Revolt From the Streets, my third full-length investigation and celebration of punk (following up Visual Vitriol and Left of the Dial), is now available, but also feel free to read it (and any of my other books!) for no cost on Google Books. But if you would like the library-style hardback in your hands, especially as the cold comes quick in the next few months and you have time to read over 200 pages featuring an array of punk interviews with people ranging from the Minutemen, Faith, Really Red, Minor Threat, Scream, and Frightwig to writers for Maximum RocknRoll and Razorcake, to more contemporary punks like Anti-Flag, Red Hare, and the Refused, then here it is. It features the photography of Ben Tecumseh DeSoto , Andy Abbott (a previously unpublished photo of the Clash!), and me, rare flyers, plus a glimpse at topics that have been far under-appreciated, like the links between deaf-punk cultures, the rituals of slamdancing in the no-time zone of sweaty clubs, the overlap between punks and unionism, MDC, Jennifer Blowdryer, and the Plasmatics, and tracing the money of punk volunteerism and outreach. If you are a writer and producer, let me know via a message, and I will relay your information to the book company! For more information, read the attached flyer, and use the code to purchase the book for $28.00! Visit the site here. If you hate books. Ignore this! If you are broke, go to: May the punk spirits be with you.– David Ensminger

Biscuit-Related Photograph No. 54

May 24, 2016

Big Boys, Flipside No. 43, 1984

Biscuit Flyer No. 128

May 20, 2016

Big Boys and The Finz at Raul’s, Austin, TX, 1980, by Randy “Biscuit” Turner

Biscuit Flyer No. 127

May 16, 2016

Big Boys and Sharon Tate’s Baby at Raul’s, Austin, TX, 1980, by Biscuit

Biscuit-Related Photograph No. 53

April 29, 2016

Big Boys in Hymnal No. 2

Biscuit-Related Photograph No. 52

April 24, 2016

Big Boys, Hymnal No. 2, by Barranna